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Unique combination of vision and perfection.

When design and individual craftsmanship come together, the result is a symbiosis that lifts each WARENDORF kitchen out of the ranks of the ordinary and turns it into something special – a place with its own cultural value.

WARENDORF stands for strong ideals and a clear vision of how to shape and develop a sustainable and exceptional kitchen culture.

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Warendorf-Port Adriano-Palma de Mallorca

Kitchens made by WARENDORF are more than the individual expression of personality. They also speak of sustainable quality and exceptional design. It is their exclusivity that makes a WARENDORF kitchen unique. From the planning stage to manufacturing, each kitchen unit is a made-to-measure one-of-a-kind which expresses perfectly each client’s own personal lifestyle.

As each detail takes its place in a perfectly composed whole, WARENDORF’s vision becomes clear. This is what makes each WARENDORF kitchen as individual and sophisticated as WARENDORF’s customers.

The kitchen – The heart of the home

As the main source of warmth, nourishment and light, the kitchen was the beating heart of the medieval household. In those days, people’s lives were played out in their entirety in this single room. After a long period in which the kitchen was consigned to the sidelines as a purely functional space, we are returning it to its original purpose – the kitchen as the social heart of the home. In the present day, where life is dominated by full-to-bursting appointment calendars and personal relationships conducted primarily in cyberspace, the kitchen has a unique role to play. Only close family or invited guests are allowed admittance. The act of cooking and eating together has become a way in which to combine conviviality with the enjoyment of precious privacy. Now that we are no longer dependent on fire for our basic needs and survival, what makes the thought of a kitchen of one’s own so attractive? The failure of projects to establish communal kitchens in urban living areas at the start of the 20th Century can be traced to a failure to account for one important factor: identity. Today, a kitchen of one’s own does not just mean independence and the freedom to cook what you want, it also stands for personality.

This evolution begins with where the architect positions the kitchen within the house. In the 19th Century, it was kept as far removed from the living spaces as possible. Today, it occupies a central position and role. With an often seamless transition between the living and dining room, the modern kitchen has morphed into a space for expressing a uniquely personal lifestyle. At WARENDORF we are constantly adapting to the changing way in which living spaces are interpreted and viewed. We make it our mission to identify the individual character of a home and the people who live there, and incorporate their personalities into our kitchens. By combining the widest range of high quality materials with professional craftsmanship, we can fulfill any desire so that you and your guests feel at home. In the exclusive surroundings of your own kitchen. In the heart of your home.