Our approach shapes our high quality WARENDORF kitchens..


WARENDORF stands for first class quality that is “Made in Germany”. Production takes place entirely in Germany using the highest quality materials from selected suppliers in the premium segment. Every WARENDORF is a one of a kind. Uniquely at WARENDORF, each kitchen is created with a combination of state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and handcraftsmanship. Thanks to our unique folding carcase technology, we manufacture the individual kitchen units in such a way that the entire kitchen fits perfectly in the space. That is what distinguishes an authentic WARENDORF from every other kitchen.


WARENDORF kitchens stand for award-winning design – every day. Numerous prizes and awards speak for themselves:


Nowhere but WARENDORF does a kitchen fit the space like a bespoke suit fits the wearer because we never think in standard dimensions. Individuality sets our customers apart, as it does us. In the same way that every person is unique, we respect the uniqueness of each person’s lifestyle and living space. Every kitchen is a made-to-measure one of a kind, just like every personality. WARENDORF – Die Küche: premium kitchens, from personalities for personalities. Manufactured with an eye for detail and in total perfection.